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Insightful Readings for Life’s Celebrations

Tarot Readings for Events in Madison, Wisconsin

My tarot readings are informed by a modern approach that uses the cards as a tool for self-reflection. Through this approach, I can provide a roadmap towards self-actualization. A reading can give a new perspective on the current situation, and also suggest what might be possible. No certain future outcomes are given, as the power and possibilities for your journeys always lies within you. 

I offer tarot readings at parties, receptions, and other celebrations and gatherings. Tarot readings can serve as a powerful icebreaker, a point of connection, and a fresh, joyful experience. Your event will be positively anchored in your guests’ minds as one that won;t forget.

I provide readings within Dane County, Wisconsin. Depending on your party size, guests, and goals, we can decide on the pace and complexity of the readings provided to your guests. As many as 8-10 guests an hour can receive brief, focused readings. More layered readings are available at more intimate gatherings, at a more measured pace.

My fee is $150/hr, with a 90-minute minimum, and a 50% deposit required to reserve the date and time. A full refund is available for cancellations within 7 days of the event.

For most readings, I use the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. This well-known tarot deck draws on ancient archetypes and symbolism in a way that helps many people new to tarot connect with the imagery. However, if a particular deck feels like a better fit for your party, please let me know. There are many newer decks available, created with the intention of depicting greater diversity and inclusion within the deck.